Account-Based Marketing
Now and in the Future

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ABM Has Changed the Way We Approach Marketing and Sales

According to the HubSpot 2020 State of Marketing Report, only 28% of salespeople said marketing was their best source of leads. How do we do a better job of targeting accounts to increase the synergy between sales and marketing?

Join our experts who bring unique approaches to ABM, from strategy to the tech tools you need to develop successful campaigns. Discover how to target top accounts, gather influential leads, customize your marketing touches, align your sales processes, and increase revenue.

You’ll Learn:

  • What ABM is and how organizations implement it
  • How to target ideal accounts through multi-channel engagements 
  • How to choose the tools that will fuel your success
  • The art of the possible for the future of ABM

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Meet Our Panelists


Ryan Burkett


With over 20 years of experience in strategic initiatives, solutions design, and global delivery, Ryan leads the Strategy and Solutions practice at Stratagon. His experience has centered around a key tenet: to develop an appropriate solution for a relevant challenge and execute it successfully.


Alex Moore


Leader of the Marketing and Technology practice at Stratagon, Alex holds extensive experience resolving both corporate and local business challenges. He is well-seasoned in helping clients across a diverse set of industries meet their sales and marketing goals and objectives.


Ethan Kopit


Ethan Kopit is a Product Manager at HubSpot where his role is to guide the creation and evolution of products for Sales, Marketing, and Service teams. Over the course of the past year, Ethan led the development of HubSpot's ABM platform, which launched on May 19th of this year.

Bobby Narang_OpenSense

Bobby Narang


Technology Sales Leader and Entrepreneur. Bobby has spent the last seven years helping to build Opensense. During that time, he’s overseen product conception, initial traction, developing sales processes, and landing large enterprise customers like Salesforce, Adobe, Qualtrics, Outreach, HCL, and others.